Synology NAS Access URL Update

The Synology NAS has been given a new URL which is secured. The previous address was and has been updated to:

Both should still work, but if you're accessing the site using the domain name rather than the IP address (from within the network) it's more secure to use the new URL.

There's a bitwarden chrome extension installed on a few of the computers to enable quick access to your Bitwarden login. When the extension is installed, it can be setup to access any Bitwarden server in the world. In some cases, a specific user may have his or her own Bitwarden account hosted somewhere else. If that's the case, and the user needs to access that information, make sure that the extension is configured to access the correct URL before that use tries to login.

Normally, for New Valley, the Bitwarden URL in the extension would be If this is not set, it won't be possible to login to the NV Bitwarden account without going directly to the URL in a browser (which, incidentally, is sufficient). The extension is not required to access Bitwarden, but it is helpful to have in order for auto-fill to work when accessing various Production Team resources.

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